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Any style of guitar, from heavy rock to classical, from beginners to advanced. Lessons are tailored to suit the individual. Several of my current students are studying classical guitar under the Trinity Guildhall syllabus. If the student is keen to read music then this can be catered for, otherwise guitar tab can be taught which is usually quite quickly learnt.

Lessons are half an hour duration and usually take place between 3:30pm to 6:30pm on every weekday. I normally only teach during school term times, although ad hoc lessons can be arranged if required. Please select the "contact" button above to either make an email enquiry or phone.

Latest News!!

Just included sample lessons on Jazz guitar and Rock guitar.

Rob's Ditty continues to be a very popular ensemble piece for the guitar

RGT Exams 2017

The RGT Exams are again proving very popular this year. I will have 21 pupils taking exams ranging from Acoustic Guitar Grade 1 up to Diploma level.

Have just added my arrangement of Spanish Romance - a very popular piece of guitar music which has influenced many of the years from John Williams to Metallica!

I'll be working on getting some more lessons on the site over the next few weeks so please come back and visit as the site is constantly being updated.


Sample lessons

Follow the links below to see examples of the types of lesson that I can teach.

Guitar Resources

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